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Pure Street Food


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Pure Street Food

1327 1 St SW #6, Calgary, AB T2R 0W3, Canada

Pure Vietnamese Street brings the concept of Vietnamese street food vendors into FIRST Street Market. Like the street food vendors of Vietnam, the menu is kept small to focus on making the best of the dishes. Pure’s mission is to bring authentic Vietnamese street food to you one dish at a time – travel to Vietnam without having to fly there!

Owner Lam Pham has been professionally cooking since 2010, known for bold & rich flavours with contrasting & refreshing herbs, fruits and texture elements. Since their 2016 opening, Pure Modern Asian Kitchen & Bar has been recognized by some of Calgary’s well known food critics such as Calgary Herald, Avenue Magazine, Culinair Magazine, Eat North, and The Globe and Mail.




Enjoy the vibrant flavors and textures of street food with our curated menu at Pure Street Food

## Pure Street Food Menu Highlights

### Snacks
1. **Savoury Sesame Donut**
2. **Crispy Spring Rolls**
3. **Chicken Wings**

### Noodle Bowls
1. **Chicken Pho**
2. **Hu Tieu Bo Sate**
3. **Hu Tieu Mi Kho**

### Rice Bowls
1. **Char Siu Pork Rice Bowl**
2. **Pork Belly Rice Bowl**



1327 1 St SW #6, Calgary, AB T2R 0W3

Our hour

Monday – Sunday: 11AM – 8PM

Friday & Saturday: 11AM – 9PM


(403) 910-8200

Pure Street Food

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